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             Liner Business Center, dedicated public booking agent for international renowned shipping companies, providing tailor-made solution consulting services and one-stop freight forwarding services

             Shipping Center, specialized shipping agency on container vessel, coastal break bulk cargo vessels

             CML Heavy Haul Trucking , a professional land transport company for over sized cargoes, equipped with advanced light and heavy land transport equipments.

             Bulk Logistics , The principal functions includes bulk cargo (ore, coal, crude oil etc.) bonded warehousing, customs clearance, transit, waterway transport, and minerals mixing, screening, crushing and processing services.

             Qingdao Grand Ocean Maritime Co, Ltd. , operating feeders along the coastal & middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Foreign-Domestic coastal container liner operation

             CML(QINGDAO) Logistics Co., Ltd., providing comprehensive container depot services and consolidation logistics services

             CML Global Logistics Co., Ltd. , engaging in providing comprehensive CFS and consolidation logistics services

             Qingdao Port Dongjiakou Bulk Logistics Center, providing bonded warehousing, customs Clearance, transit, waterway transport, and minerals mixing, screening, crushing and processing services

             CML Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Aim to slove the problems in customer's supply chain, and to meet integratively the reqiuryments of Logisitcs, such as purchasing, packing, storage, tranportation, distribution etc.

             CML Grandtrust Logistics Co., Ltd., NVOCC and government projects as the main service customers, our company also can serves the domestic and foreign logistics business.

             CML Grandcorp Logistics Co., Ltd., Focus on Transpacific and Overseas business, Booking agency of SM Line. Provide customer with a full range of logistics service by the rigorous and pragmatic artisan spirit.

             CML GrandRail International Logistics Co.,Ltd., Providing professional and efficient railway transport services and logistics solutions, based on international multimodal transport, guided by 'One Belt One Road' initiative, and focusing on China-Europe/CIS block train and project shipments.

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